Play of the Season

World-Premiere of Arena Stage’s Film “The 51st State”

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 7pm ET, screen the world-premiere of Arena Stage’s The 51st State. The film is inspired by the protests and the drive for the creation of a movement after the murder of George Floyd and the quest for the creation of the 51st state and sovereignty in Washington, D.C.  It is Arena Stage’s third film in four months.

For viewers in Washington, DC, watch the exclusive premiere of the film, while enjoying delicious fare from local restaurants and caterers, including Ben’s Chili Bowl and Hank’s Oyster Bar. Arena Stage’s Supper Club and films bring the communities together (virtually) to engage with artists and their original work.

With restaurants and catering partners in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, enjoy delicious fare delivered to your door prior to the start of the film. Each of our Supper Club Partners has carefully crafted select menu options for these events. A Supper Club purchase is not necessary to view the film. Learn more on the theater’s website.

Play of the Season: Toni Stone
by Lydia R. Diamond

Considered a pioneer, Toni Stone was the first woman to play baseball in the Negro Leagues–and–in the 1950s men’s leagues. Despite the odds of succeeding, Stone blazed a historical path in the male-dominated sports world, crushed “female” expectations, and created her own set of rules. Based on Martha Ackmann’s book, Curveball: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, award-winning playwright Lydia R. Diamond, (Smart People, The Bluest Eye), has adapted the dynamic and uplifting story of Stone’s journey to do what she loved the most: play baseball.

Play of the Season: Mother Road by Octavio Solis

Mother Road
Written by Octavio Solis

William Joad is terminally ill, and anxious to leave his Oklahoma farm to one of his descendants who migrated West. When he discovers they are now Mexican-Americans, Joad and his only living heir, Martin, must re-think their ideas about family, legacy, and America. The two men take a  journey from Oklahoma to California, which turns out to be unexpectedly entertaining and intimate. Based on John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath.

Play of the Season: Newsies


Based on the Newsboy Strike of 1899, this musical by Disney, is based on Jack Kelly, a rebellious newsboy who fancies becoming an artist–away from the big city. But, when publishing mogul, Joseph Pulitzer, raises the price of his paper at the boys’ expense, Kelly and his fellow newsies go for revenge. Soon, with a little help from the beautiful female reporter, Katherine Plumber, all of New York City will recognize the power of “the little man.”

Play of the Season
To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee

THE STORY: Harper Lee’s debut — and only novel — was published in 1960, and won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Set in the 1930s, Atticus Finch, a lawyer from the town of Maycomb, Alabama, defends Tom Robinson, a black man facing trial on rape charges. The novel is told by Scout, Atticus’s young daughter, and deals delicately with racial tension and justice.

PREMIERE DATE: Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation opened December 13, 2018 at the Shubert Theatre, New York. Directed by Bartlett Sher, it stars Jeff Daniels and LaTanya Richardson Jackson.

LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Calpurnia and Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.


Celia Keenan-Bolger as Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch and Gbenga Akinnagbe as Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird.


Gideon Glick as Dill and Will Pullen as Gem in To Kill a Mockingbird


Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch and the cast of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Play of the Season: Roe by Lisa Loomer


THE STORY: Acclaimed playwright Lisa Loomer reveals the divergent destinies of the attorney, Sarah Weddington, and her plaintiff, Norma McCorvey — (“Jane Roe”) in the years after the decision.

PREMIERE DATE: April 20, 2016