Abigail & John Entertains and Educates Young Readers about American History

Online Curriculum Guides Enhance the Teaching and Learning Experience

WASHINGTON, DC – From David Bruce Smith, author of American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States, and his mother, the artist, Clarice Smith, comes a compelling and insightful historical biography about Abigail and John Adams. This unique children’s book tells the story of one of America’s most-treasured couples, with stunning original illustrations.

Abigail & John offers readers the opportunity to view prominent scenes in American history through their remarkable lives. Exploring the significance of a partnership that spanned more than fifty years, the book details their love for each other. From carefree childhoods to years of war; the births of their children, and the beginning of a new nation, Abigail & John illuminates their unique roles, contributions and sacrifices–they made for the sake of a brand new country.

Alex Nyerges, Director & CEO, of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, adds, “Abigail & John is a wonderful addition to the literature on our early American history for our young readers. Engagingly written, brilliantly illustrated, it should be “must read” for every school child. I’m sure teachers across America will welcome it as a new, handsome resource for their classrooms.”

Downloadable curriculum guides, including an integrated reading guide, an integrated art guide, and an assessment quiz, are provided online to assist teachers lead classroom discussion about the book. See the online multiple choice quiz to further engage the reader.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information about Abigail & John and additional interviews featuring the author, visit the Grateful American Book Series.

Abigail & John is published by Liberty Bell Press, an imprint of the Pike and Powder Publishing Group, LLC.