President Lincoln’s Cottage

Lincoln’s Respite: Historian Erin Carlson Mast Shows Another Side of the President at Lincoln’s Cottage

As the executive director of President Lincoln’s Cottage, Erin Carlson Mast has worked on a variety of key projects since 2003—including historical research, interpretive planning, and site development.

She also has overseen the launch of several exhibitions, the development of the “Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions” program, which won the 2008 American Association of Museums Silver MUSEAward, and several online interpretive programs, including “Lincoln’s Commute,” a collaboration with the White House Historical Association.

So it was grand to get a personal tour of Lincoln’s home-away-from-the-White House from the woman who oversees Lincoln’s Cottage at Soldiers’ Home. Just three miles from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Erin Carlson Mast explains that it took Lincoln about 45 minutes to travel to the Cottage—just about as long as it takes in traffic today. Be sure to check out more fascinating facts and insights in our interview with Erin Carlson Mast. (more…)