“Abe vs. Jeff: The Civil War as Seen From Both Sides,” by Roz Schanzer

“Abe vs. Jeff: The Civil War as Seen From Both Sides”
By Rosalyn Schanzer
64 pp., National Geographic Children’s Books

Coming April 4, 2017! 

The Civil War is skillfully deconstructed in this wonderfully visual book by award-winning author/illustrator Rosalyn Schanzer. “Abe vs. Jeff” is an epic face-off between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis that examines the roots of a conflict that nearly tore the nation apart.

Schanzer says: “Abraham Lincoln, the president who steered the country through a military, moral, and constitutional crisis, sits opposite Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, champion of the slaveholding status quo and the traditional values of Southern farming society. Two leaders, North versus South, with differing convictions, yet with more in common than we sometimes acknowledge.”

In this book by best-selling author Schanzer, readers learn about the lives and times of both men, ultimately demonstrating the importance of understanding your enemy — no matter how wrong they may be — in order to resolve conflicts and create a better future.

With the latest research, primary source material, and authenticated quotes and anecdotes, Schanzer’s book is an accessible, engaging, and important resource for kids and classrooms studying the Civil War.

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